About Jill

Jill Wagner was born in the mountains above Redding California. Growing up her best friends included ‘Kipper’, a Norweigian Elkhound and ‘Cassey’ a Doberman Pincer. Much time was spent riding horses and exploring with her father in the mountains while photographing the wildlife.   In 1999 Jill began devoting all of her time to photography. Currently she shoots for various publications, commercial and private clients, as well as the photography adviser for The Current at American River College. 


To this day, Jill still prefers the silence of sitting with her subjects in order to capture a moment and interpret it in a way you might not have considered before.  Stand in front of Jill Wagner’s images and you will see that at first glance they are deceivingly simple.  As you continue to absorb the work however, what is revealed is how each photo bears witness to a uniquely precious moment.

I have tried to put down my camera through the past 34 years only to find it back in my hands” says Jill.  Thankfully the union that began in childhood continues to reflect a simple passion and causes us to consider moments of our own lives that bear witness to the same.

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